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moon circles

connected to the energy of the moon

Every new and full moon, there will be an online circle.The dates will be announced on instagram and on this page. Each circle will have a different topic.

What's most important to me, is that whoever needs this sacred and safe space can join.

That's why I choose to facilitate the circles online. This way we are able to connect to anyone, anywhere! The circles are in English, but you can always request a Dutch one if you feel called to! We can definitely work something out.

The circles usually start at 8:30 pm CEST. The energy exchange for a circle is € 11,- and takes about 60 - 90 minutes. If you choose to join a full lunar cycle (new and full), the exchange is € 20,- for both circles.

If you want to join or want some more information, you can always DM me on instagram or contact me through this website.

Limited spots available, as usual!


June 9th 2021 // new moon circle

TBA // full moon cacao circle

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