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cacao ceremonies & healing

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Hi, I'm Hélène

Welcome to Divine One Within – a space of healing, remembrance and unraveling. With the guidance of Mama Cacao, I am honored to guide you on your healing journey towards the depths of your Heart. 

I am passionated about guiding others to remember their truest potential, to ignite their inner fire and to journey back into the depths of their being. Together with Mama Cacao, healing modalities I've learned over the years, experience and a huge inner calling — I am here to hold space for you too!


This is me!


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What others say...

"If you let yourself be guided by Hélène's sweet and smooth voice, you'll explore some deep unknown levels of meditation and peacefulness. It enlightens you on how sacred your body is and allows you to feel amazing in your own skin, which is also priceless." — Flora