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Morning Light

divine mornings

find stillness, dive deep

a 5 week deep exploration of your soul

Who is this for?

For those who have been feeling the call to dive deeper.

For those who feel the call to connect with Mama Cacao.

For those who want to explore different morning routines.

For those who need a sacred and safe space to arrive.

are you ready to dive deep?

IMG_4125 2.jpg

What to expect:

besides from deep transformation

4 professionally guided cacao ceremonies

weekly  ebooks to guide you

one integration week

different morning routines to try out

a closed group to connect

 inspiration, guidance and support throughout the 5 weeks

the opportunity to opt for 1:1 sessions for a cheaper price

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everything you need you already carry within



week one

opening ceremony

mindfulness & gratitude

week two

cacao ceremony: your inner rhythm


week three

cacao ceremony: your energetic system

breathwork & affirmations

week four


1:1 sessions


week five

Closing ceremony

there will be weekly ebooks with all the information, rituals, journal prompts and more!

three options to choose from

IMG_4165 2.jpg

the divine tribe

€ 111

worth € 132

4 ceremonies

facebook group


IMG_4112 2.jpg

the medicine woman

€ 166

worth  243

4 ceremonies

facebook group


+ one 1:1 session

IMG_4084 2.jpg

the cacao goddess

€ 222

worth  354

4 ceremonies

facebook group


+ two 1:1 sessions

What is a 1:1 session?

During a 1:1 session the focus is completely on you. We will share a cup of cacao and I will guide you through a journey deeper to yourself, specifically adapted to your personal needs and energetic body at that time. One sessions can take up to 2 hours. It is a time of healing, connection and unraveling layers of yourself.

for 5 weeks...

We'll connect through the online realms in ceremony with the guidance of Mama Cacao.

Every week we'll focus on another morning ritual for you to try out, so you are spending conscious time for yourself each morning.

This 5 week deep exploration will guide you back home to yourself.


what others say about my offerings


It's so easy and powerful to connect to cacao and tap into the meditations guided by your voice. I can feel the presence of both mama Cacao and angels/higher beings in your circles.


You made me visit places in myself I almost forgot they existed through your meditations. In each ceremony you held, i felt heard and seen.


Attending a Cacao ceremony is like retrieving little bits and pieces of your soul. Every single time it gets deeper, more connected, more open…

do you feel the call?

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