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“Learning not to envy someone else’s blessings is what grace looks like” – Rupi Kaur

Honesty is one of the most important aspects in life. The words that we write or speak are more powerful than we could ever imagine. Honesty towards each other is one thing; being completely honest with yourself another. If the words you speak to yourself aren’t as pure as the night sky, how can you expect yourself to be towards others? And most importantly, others towards you?

Where does your judgement come from? Judging someone for looking extravagant, judging another for buying expensive designer clothes,… Can you speak with soft whispers of honesty to yourself, admitting this judgement comes from envy?

Wishing you had the courage to look the way you wish to look, wishing you had the financial stability to buy whatever you want? Judging a couple for being too affectionate towards each other, wishing you had someone special in your life too? Judging someone for chasing their dreams, wishing you had the opportunities to do the same?

The list goes on and on. Be honest with yourself right now: who do you judge? Can you look into the deep core of your soul and realize why you’re feeling this way? There is absolutely no shame in admitting this to yourself. It takes courage to be this honest with yourself.

In my opinion, it’s a way of self love. Giving yourself the freedom to accept your thoughts and feelings; and turning them into something positive. You are not your thoughts; what you choose to do with them, is much more important.

You are strong and capable of so much. Wrap your own soul in so much love, and watch how life will love you right back.

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