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Dear soul,

Welcome to the depths of my inner being. Thank you for tuning in. I'd love to share more about myself.

Back in college, I studied "Wellbeing- and Vitality management". This education planted its seeds that would later bloom into my passion. When I graduated, I left for 6,5 months to travel the world. Not only have I discovered some wonders of the world, I also got to know my Self better. And I would love to share these experiences with you.

My goal is to inspire people and help them to get to know their Self. Because all you need, you already carry within. This is something I stand for and want to share with all of you. Reclaiming that inner fire inside of you.

I am currently following reading healing courses and reiki to be able to unfold my skills more. We are all on a journey of Self discovery, and during times as these it's so important to feel connected not only to yourSelf, but also to one another. I hope to be able to help you during these times. 

Workshops and retreats are given in Belgium (Dutch). Online moon circles are facilitated in English. Online 1:1 sessions can be given in English or Dutch. Find more at "offerings"!

If you have any questions or would love to get in touch, please feel free to contact me any time.



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