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I’ve been asked a lot...  


"Hélène, I’d like to know how to properly do a ceremony at home. I want to use cacao in an ethical way. Don’t you offer something to teach me?"


Until recently, my answer was no...  


That’s why I created Journey Within!

Your ultimate guide to start drinking cacao and/or deepening your practice.

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I hear it a lot...

“I drank cacao once in a ceremony and now I drink it at home.”


That’s amazing!


But did you know...


You cannot boil your water?

You shouldn’t eat heavy or drink coffee before?

Powder is not ceremonial cacao?

About the seed to cup process?

Or that when you drink a ceremonial dose 2 times per week, you drink the harvest of about two cacao trees in one year?

All this, and so much more...

... you’ll learn and experience in Journey Within.


After 4 years of experience, 2 intensive courses & countless of cacao cups...


I feel ready to embody my role as a Cacao Guardian even more and want to teach others how to implement cacao medicine.

Next to that...

I wanted to create moments for you to enjoy your own sacred rituals Shakira-style: whenever & wherever you need it.


Because I know the potency of cacao rituals, for they have taught me how to connect with myself again. They let me experience inner peace & embodiment.


So it’s also a perfect offering for who’s feeling depleted, burned out, disconnected & overwhelmed.


Journey Within... your ultimate guide to start drinking cacao and/or deepening your practice.


Choose your preferred practice(s) from an abundant online library.

Learn how to set up & enjoy your own sacred rituals from the comforts of your own safe space.


Learn how to integrate cacao medicine in your life.



14 videos:

How to prepare your cacao drink

Prepare cacao together

Opening invocations

Guided mindful drinking

Somatic movement (heart, womb & full body)

Breathwork (10, 15 & 25 min)

Meditations (alchemize anxiety, deep rest & moon time )

Full Cacao Journey (60 min)

Also includes...

Ebook with written content

Ebook with journal prompts

Masterclass about Cacao

Plus as an extra gift you’ll receive a 25% discount on your next online Cacao Journey!



& enjoy a one time only discount!


Full Body YES?

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